Steampunk Masquerade Mask

This is a project I started recently it came about mainly from the need to get the wife a birthday present and my own drive to give her something unique and a bit quirky. I remembered that she likes masquerade masks but has never bought one. I myself quite like them and also think it fits very well into steampunk history as a common affair.

Here is a picture of the plain mask base I used;

Blank Masquerade Mask

When I set out with what I wanted to achieve in mind I decided to get a mask blank for making this and spent sometime before deciding on a plain gold/bronze colour mask. I also bought a few more supplies in a limited colour palette; gold/bronze, silver and copper. This combined with the old used watch parts that I have made the basis of my materials for my design idea.

Taking what I know as a minimum for my design; some gears; I knew that I needed something more so thought that I would take a look at some steampunk art work for some more ideas. A lot of the hand drawn  art tends to have a lot of pipes that bend and go all over the place and seemingly pointless destinations, I used some of the copper wire I had to do my own take on this and I will post an update once I have started to glue them in place and have some pictures.

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