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Etsy Lookout Here I Come!

I finally got around to finishing off another necklace the other day and have a few more very nearly complete, I am just waiting for some more wire through the post to get the chains made. Clicking any of the images in this post will take you through to the exact item for sale on etsy. I have also opened a etsy store to sell some of the things that I make as I have had many requests, check it… (more…)

Steam or Gas?

One of my recent purchases was for a air purifier gas style mask that people use when spray painting in industry. I haven’t got around to doing anything with this yet so what you see in the picture is the stock item. But it turns out to be a very practical purchase as well as something I hope to mod. Its very useful while cutting and sanding, polishing pieces of brass and other metals and manages to keep that very… (more…)