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Surprise Steam Necklace

I haven’t posted my work on these until now as one of them was a present for a dear friend who is aware of this blog, so I thought it better safe than sorry in spoiling the surprise. These are a series of necklaces I started a while back after making a prototype and everyone I knew or generally anyone who saw it asking where they could get one, so I decided to try a few others each with its… (more…)

My Heart is on a Chain

I finally got around to finishing off the valentines day present for the wife I had some rustic looking gold/brass chain and clasps, all I had to do was create little metal hoops to secure the clasp on to the end of the chains. The only thing I don’t like about that is that I only had clean bright brass coloured wire but it’s not that obvious and it will be on the back of the neck so hopefully no… (more…)

The Gears of My Heart

While searching online for a valentines day present for the wife I can across this awesome heart for necklaces, so I grabbed one it looks even better in person and I was thrilled when it arrived. My mind was racing with all the different things I could do with it but I decided that it would be pretty damn cool to get some gears and cogs inside the heart as it does have…            (Picture heavy after the break)

Hello steampunk world!

Welcome to my steampunk themed blog. I will try to cover all of my creations I have made to-date over the coming weeks as well as starting to document some of my current projects. To start off I shall post a picture of a piece that I made for my wife, it uses entirely used watched parts and some leather thong for the necklace. The process: the total project time was about 2 hours, which included a thorough cleaning, grinding… (more…)