Surprise Steam Necklace

I haven’t posted my work on these until now as one of them was a present for a dear friend who is aware of this blog, so I thought it better safe than sorry in spoiling the surprise.

Steampunk Necklace Side ViewThese are a series of necklaces I started a while back after making a prototype and everyone I knew or generally anyone who saw it asking where they could get one, so I decided to try a few others each with its own differences and little bit of personality. Some of these are still a WIP and I’ll hope to get some more photos up as I finish them and I normally have a small pile of parts to go onto these and tend to add to them as I get small amounts of left over epoxy glue from other projects.

Steampunk NecklaceThis one with the necklace already attached is the one that is going as the present, I took some copper chain and attached a copper clasp and then attached this to the two points I wanted this piece to hang from. It is slightly different from the others in this way.

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