Etsy Lookout Here I Come!

I finally got around to finishing off another necklace the other day and have a few more very nearly complete, I am just waiting for some more wire through the post to get the chains made.

Steampunk Necklace 01Clicking any of the images in this post will take you through to the exact item for sale on etsy.

I have also opened a etsy store to sell some of the things that I make as I have had many requests, check it out here. It is a bit bare at the moment but hopefully I will change that soon enough.

I have also started making a leather gas mask. It is made from some of the smaller left overs I have had from a few other small non steamy related projects, I made my own pattern for it from the gas mask I pictured a few posts back just without the respirators. I make a new post to describe what I have done and also show off a few pictures. There is still a load to do that I have planned for it.

There are more necklace pictures after the jump;


It’s Been a While, But I’m Still Here

It has been a while since I made a post here, things are quite mental at work, which they always are, trying to get the software finished and out yesterday; along with my other full time job which leaves me with no time for well anything specially my steamy projects.

I have made a start on my goggles, for these I replaced one of the side ‘covers’ which went all the way through the side with a gear. The way I have fitted means that it could rotate if I wanted to make it do so, but I have a good idea for the other side and making it functional whereas this side was a tad on the tight fitting side so I think its best to leave it.

You can also see the start of the copper pipe (wire) work that I intend to put on some of the goggles casing, mainly for decoration but as they disappear into the casing they could help power some mystical gear somewhere.

You can also see that I was testing out the fitting for a new strap as I can’t stand the crappy elastic one that these came with. The stap is a small part from the hide I wish to make my jacket from.

I have also done a small amount on my leather steampunk jacket and I am close to having a mock up put together in plain cotton to test the fitting before chopping up the leather.

Surprise Steam Necklace

I haven’t posted my work on these until now as one of them was a present for a dear friend who is aware of this blog, so I thought it better safe than sorry in spoiling the surprise.

Steampunk Necklace Side ViewThese are a series of necklaces I started a while back after making a prototype and everyone I knew or generally anyone who saw it asking where they could get one, so I decided to try a few others each with its own differences and little bit of personality. Some of these are still a WIP and I’ll hope to get some more photos up as I finish them and I normally have a small pile of parts to go onto these and tend to add to them as I get small amounts of left over epoxy glue from other projects. (more…)

Goggles & Frock Coats

I got my period frock coat pattern through the post this week, so hopefully I can some work done on this soon, there will be a large amount of alterations required to get the look I want so I am very tempted to make a version out of a cheaper material (such as cotton) than the leather I bought for this.

I also picked up 2 pairs of cheap welding goggles (about £6 each) around the same, the type where the lenses can be swapped out so I am now on the lookout for some 2″ round acrylic discs in a range of colours. I will be definitely be punking these up in the future and there is a lot I have the possibility of doing to them… my mind races as I can’t wait until I get started on them.

Patterns in Euphoria

I have found some period jacket patterns that I feel could work well for a steampunk jacket with some minor/major alterations here and there. The thing that started this project off for me (apart from my love for steampunk era) was this jacket I found on ebay some months back;

Impero Leather London Steampunk JacketThis jacket is made by a company called Impero Leather London (links through to this jacket on ebay), I must say that they have some really lovely items and wish that I had more of a disposable income to just buy some of their items, and this is really where this project started. Hopefully I can achieve something of a similar quality but with my own steampunk twists on the design.

For now while I await my base patterns in the post, I have made a paper wallet pattern based on my favourite layout for a wallet. So hopefully I can find sometime to cut some leather and get another project started.

Dinosaur Leather

I recently found a great leather jacket that I thought was very post apocalyptic / steampunk in style. But being me and enjoying the creation of a project as much as the finished article and not able to afford the £1300+ they wanted for it I bought myself some huge pieces of leather (114 sq ft for £164 bargain). I may now have a little more than I needed for this project alone, so have come up with a list of things that I think I can get out of these 2 huge hides;

  • Steampunk Jacket
  • Wallet
  • Goggles (part of)
  • Case for iPhone
  • Case of Adam Tablet

I am sure there will be other things that I will add to the list as I think of them and I think I will have more than enough leather to do all of these and possibly more. Next thing on my list to get is a sewing machine so I can do a good job on the jacket then I need to find a suitable base pattern to make my jacket from. If I can find a large enough space to lay these hides out flat I shall take a picture but for now I have them rolled up and in the hallway the only place we have that’s long enough to lay them down without bending them.

Monocle Masquerade

I ended up doing some more work to the masquerade mask before finally saying it is finished, I always knew that I would, I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking;

Masquerade Mask Day 4 FrontMore images after the break. (more…)

Steam or Gas?

One of my recent purchases was for a air purifier gas style mask that people use when spray painting in industry. I haven’t got around to doing anything with this yet so what you see in the picture is the stock item. But it turns out to be a very practical purchase as well as something I hope to mod. Its very useful while cutting and sanding, polishing pieces of brass and other metals and manages to keep that very strong pennies smell out of my mouth after I have been working on a project.

Gas Mask


I managed to get sometime to finish off the masquerade mask that I have been working on. Ok I say finished but it may never be finished as I get tempted to attach another gear while working on other projects if its left out in the open for too long.

Masquerade Mask Day 3 FrontThe pictures I have for these quite large and I have only put thumbs into the post so click on them to bring up a larger picture. I have some more photos and some thoughts on the project after the break.


My Heart is on a Chain

I finally got around to finishing off the valentines day present for the wife I had some rustic looking gold/brass chain and clasps, all I had to do was create little metal hoops to secure the clasp on to the end of the chains. The only thing I don’t like about that is that I only had clean bright brass coloured wire but it’s not that obvious and it will be on the back of the neck so hopefully no one else will notice 😉

Heart Pendant with ChainI also decided to glue some of the broken heart pieces; that I had left over from cutting and ripping the front of the heart open; around the opening on the front, I think that it definitely adds to the piece and hopefully it doesn’t get caught on anything as it does stand forward quite a bit now. More pictures after the break (more…)