It’s Been a While, But I’m Still Here

It has been a while since I made a post here, things are quite mental at work, which they always are, trying to get the software finished and out yesterday; along with my other full time job which leaves me with no time for well anything specially my steamy projects.

I have made a start on my goggles, for these I replaced one of the side ‘covers’ which went all the way through the side with a gear. The way I have fitted means that it could rotate if I wanted to make it do so, but I have a good idea for the other side and making it functional whereas this side was a tad on the tight fitting side so I think its best to leave it.

You can also see the start of the copper pipe (wire) work that I intend to put on some of the goggles casing, mainly for decoration but as they disappear into the casing they could help power some mystical gear somewhere.

You can also see that I was testing out the fitting for a new strap as I can’t stand the crappy elastic one that these came with. The stap is a small part from the hide I wish to make my jacket from.

I have also done a small amount on my leather steampunk jacket and I am close to having a mock up put together in plain cotton to test the fitting before chopping up the leather.

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