Patterns in Euphoria

I have found some period jacket patterns that I feel could work well for a steampunk jacket with some minor/major alterations here and there. The thing that started this project off for me (apart from my love for steampunk era) was this jacket I found on ebay some months back;

Impero Leather London Steampunk JacketThis jacket is made by a company called Impero Leather London (links through to this jacket on ebay), I must say that they have some really lovely items and wish that I had more of a disposable income to just buy some of their items, and this is really where this project started. Hopefully I can achieve something of a similar quality but with my own steampunk twists on the design.

For now while I await my base patterns in the post, I have made a paper wallet pattern based on my favourite layout for a wallet. So hopefully I can find sometime to cut some leather and get another project started.

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