Etsy Lookout Here I Come!

I finally got around to finishing off another necklace the other day and have a few more very nearly complete, I am just waiting for some more wire through the post to get the chains made.

Steampunk Necklace 01Clicking any of the images in this post will take you through to the exact item for sale on etsy.

I have also opened a etsy store to sell some of the things that I make as I have had many requests, check it out here. It is a bit bare at the moment but hopefully I will change that soon enough.

I have also started making a leather gas mask. It is made from some of the smaller left overs I have had from a few other small non steamy related projects, I made my own pattern for it from the gas mask I pictured a few posts back just without the respirators. I make a new post to describe what I have done and also show off a few pictures. There is still a load to do that I have planned for it.

There are more necklace pictures after the jump;

Steampunk Necklace 02Steampunk Necklace 03Steampunk Necklace 04

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