The Gears of My Heart

Completed Steampunk HeartWhile searching online for a valentines day present for the wife I can across this awesome heart for necklaces, so I grabbed one it looks even better in person and I was thrilled when it arrived. My mind was racing with all the different things I could do with it but I decided that it would be pretty damn cool to get some gears and cogs inside the heart as it does have…            (Picture heavy after the break)..a good bit of depth to it (about 14mm from front to back). Here’s a picture of it before I started to mod it on the left and the right shows the ‘rip’ open I was going for on one side;

Heart Pendant Base & RippedHeres another angle of the ‘rip’ as its a bit hard to see;

Heart Ripped Angled ShotAfter selecting some gears to go into the middle of the heart I checked out some positioning and was confident that I could get at least 3 gears inside the trouble was how to fix them in place, the main focal gear I used sat snugly against the back inside wall of the heart so I knew I could glue that in place but the others I wouldn’t be able to do that with as I want it to have some depth and not to have all the gears glued to each other.

My solution was to use some of the silver/copper/brass wire that I bought for the Steampunk Masquerade Mask project (post about that project coming soon) thread it through gaps in the front and back of the heart and ‘piercing’ the middle of the gear through the already conveniently placed hole, here’s a shot of the first one that I did;

Heart with First GearI used silver wire for the first one as I was trying to hide the wire in the design of the heart, but as it turned out it looked quite nice as it does stand out and fits with both the heart and steampunk style as pipes! So I did the rest using of the gears using brass and copper (mostly copper as the colour really stands out). Here’s the final thing so far from different angles;

Completed Steampunk Heat BackCompleted Steampunk Heart SideCompleted Steampunk HeartI am thinking that I might carefully glue some of the silver heart that got ripped and cut off to make the opening so that it makes it look more ripped open and as if it just burst open. I also have to find a chain of some sort once I have done that I shall post an update.

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