My Heart is on a Chain

I finally got around to finishing off the valentines day present for the wife I had some rustic looking gold/brass chain and clasps, all I had to do was create little metal hoops to secure the clasp on to the end of the chains. The only thing I don’t like about that is that I only had clean bright brass coloured wire but it’s not that obvious and it will be on the back of the neck so hopefully no one else will notice 😉

Heart Pendant with ChainI also decided to glue some of the broken heart pieces; that I had left over from cutting and ripping the front of the heart open; around the opening on the front, I think that it definitely adds to the piece and hopefully it doesn’t get caught on anything as it does stand forward quite a bit now. More pictures after the breakHeart Pendant with Chain Shot fom BottomAs you can see in the picture above adds about 50% of the original depth on top of the heart but does look awesome.

Here’s another angle;

Heart Pendant with Chain Right Side Shot

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