I managed to get sometime to finish off the masquerade mask that I have been working on. Ok I say finished but it may never be finished as I get tempted to attach another gear while working on other projects if its left out in the open for too long.

Masquerade Mask Day 3 FrontThe pictures I have for these quite large and I have only put thumbs into the post so click on them to bring up a larger picture. I have some more photos and some thoughts on the project after the break.

Masquerade Mask Day 3 LeftAs you can see if you have looked at my other posts on this project then you will see that I have added some clear tubing a load more gears through out the piece and some more smaller looped copper piping, and you may just be able to see in the picture above in the bottom right that there is a tiny gear and wing, bigger picture;

I made 2 of these 1 I attached to this piece and the other got attached to the ‘Gears of My Heart’ piece just before I gave it to the wife for valentines day. I am thinking to add these as a signature piece to all of the projects that I do. The chain is one that I made from the raw wire, where as the chain that holds the skull on was bought pre-made.

Masquerade Mask Day 3 RightOverall I am very please with the way the piece turned out. I would however bring up a few points that I found while working on this project; firstly and probably the most notable from the pictures I have posted is that no matter how careful I am before taking a photo of the piece it attracts fingerprints like nothing else this is due to the paint they have used on the plastic; and secondly is that unlike when working with metal on metal (the mask is plastic) when gluing the metal gears and other items to this mask it takes 4 times as long for the glue to dry and everything I stick on slides and moves around incredibly easily which is why some parts that were glued on have (what I think looks messy) pools of dried glue around them or glue smears where I have let go to early and gravity has taken hold.

If doing this again I might consider making it from leather and sheets of brass then I could fix most things to the mask with nuts and bolts and do away with the glue altogether.

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