Turning the Gears

Masquerade Mask Day2Here’s the update for the Masquerade Mask, I didn’t have much free time to work on this so I haven’t got as much done as I would have liked. But you can see there are gears now fixed in place and ‘screws’ holding them in place, really these screws are just the screw heads cut from the actual screw part so no need to worry about impaling your face when you put it on.

I am pleased with the way that this is starting to turn out, but there is still a lot to do before it is finished. I found some small diameter clear plastic piping which I am tempted to see if I can add into the mix, but I shall see how it starts to turn out as I get more of the pieces I want on to it.

Flying Mask

Just a quick post to update my progress so far on the masquerade mask, I have spent about an hour on this,  including some minor prep time on some gears and cogs.

Most of the time was spent working out scale for the copper coloured pipes and then holding them in place while the glue dried. Next time I hope to get some of the gears onto the item.

Masquerade Mask Day1

Steampunk Masquerade Mask

This is a project I started recently it came about mainly from the need to get the wife a birthday present and my own drive to give her something unique and a bit quirky. I remembered that she likes masquerade masks but has never bought one. I myself quite like them and also think it fits very well into steampunk history as a common affair.

Here is a picture of the plain mask base I used;

Blank Masquerade Mask

When I set out with what I wanted to achieve in mind I decided to get a mask blank for making this and spent sometime before deciding on a plain gold/bronze colour mask. I also bought a few more supplies in a limited colour palette; gold/bronze, silver and copper. This combined with the old used watch parts that I have made the basis of my materials for my design idea.

Taking what I know as a minimum for my design; some gears; I knew that I needed something more so thought that I would take a look at some steampunk art work for some more ideas. A lot of the hand drawn  art tends to have a lot of pipes that bend and go all over the place and seemingly pointless destinations, I used some of the copper wire I had to do my own take on this and I will post an update once I have started to glue them in place and have some pictures.

Steamy Madness

Over the past few days (wow its actually been a week and a half thinking about it) I have been doing quite a few little bits, some of which I have been taking photos of and other smaller bits I haven’t. None of these I feel justify a large whole post yet but I am hoping that my current project is decent enough for posting later today.

The Gears of My Heart

Completed Steampunk HeartWhile searching online for a valentines day present for the wife I can across this awesome heart for necklaces, so I grabbed one it looks even better in person and I was thrilled when it arrived. My mind was racing with all the different things I could do with it but I decided that it would be pretty damn cool to get some gears and cogs inside the heart as it does have…            (Picture heavy after the break) (more…)

Time – Painting Steampunk Theme

‘Time’ is a bit of a mixed medium project that I started a few months back. I had a lot of spare, old used watch parts and quite enjoy painting when I get the time I wanted to do a modern art piece that was steampunk themed but with a difference as I also like art that can be touched and give an artistic flare through another sense. (Below is an early shot will grab another picture soon)

Time Painting Work In ProgressFrom all this was born the painting I call ‘Time’, the name itself stems from several things the parts used are all from watches/clocks, my original theme for it was gears and clock faces and finally the thing that I feel that I never have enough of… time. It is done in acrylic paint with cleaned and polished watch parts to give it a bit of a twist. I think this works well by limiting the colour palette used with the paints.

Hello steampunk world!

Welcome to my steampunk themed blog. I will try to cover all of my creations I have made to-date over the coming weeks as well as starting to document some of my current projects. To start off I shall post a picture of a piece that I made for my wife, it uses entirely used watched parts and some leather thong for the necklace.

Steampunk NecklaceThe process: the total project time was about 2 hours, which included a thorough cleaning, grinding to ensure all pieces are flat and have no sharp edges, sanding with 200/300/500 and then 2000 grit sand paper before a final polishing of each piece (no pictures up to this stage). I then tested the position of everything and then epoxy glued everything in place and attached the leather once the glue was dried. – More procedure pictures after the break. (more…)